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Thoughts for the site

April 29, 2009

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I was going down the list of the types of books, subjects of books, types of media to include, authors, bookstores, and so much more for My Passion Is Books website. I wanted to see how many topics I could come up with to include on the site. There are so many things we can cover on a site about books. Here are some I thought of:

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, History, Science, Mystery, Detective, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, Myths and Legends, Best Sellers, Hard Cover, Brochure, Comic Books, Dictionaries, Magazines, Novels, Paperbacks, Periodicals, Pamphlets, Picture Books, Reference Books, Textbooks, Technical, Computer, Coding, Almanacs, Poetry, Biography, Autobiography, Contemporary Thought, Great Thinkers, Philosophy, Religion, Travel, Adventure, Children’s Books/Literature, Medical, Educational, Scholarly, Public Domain, Out of Print Books, Rare Books, Agriculture, Vegetable Gardening, Herbal Gardens, Flowers, Encyclopedias, New Books, Used Books, Audiobooks, Bargain Books, Bookstores, Publishers, eBooks, and other niche subjects and types of books.

    Wow! It was amazing how few thoughts came to me until I actually started writing them down.

    This will be a lot of fun!

    What do you think? Any other subjects, topics, types, etc. that maybe should be considered?

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