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Sure miss Frank Muller – audiobook narrator

May 25, 2009

[tweetmeme source=”mypassionisbooks” only_single=false]Since we are passionate about books and our eyesight isn’t what it once was, we have naturally gravitated toward audiobooks in recent years. It is always our joy to find a book that had been narrated by Frank Muller.

I have read/listened to books narrated by Frank Muller by Stephen King, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, and Tim LaHaye. I enjoyed every single one of them!

Before Frank Muller’s tragic accident — that robbed him from continuing his career as one of the all-time best narrators of audio books, and in the process robbed us as readers/listeners as well — he had been a very prolific narrator. I was surprised by all the books and by so many authors, from the Classics to modern authors, that he had narrated when I was searching Amazon to find his Audio CD versions of books he had narrated.

I sure miss getting to hear Frank Muller narrating new books but I have certainly found a lot of existing ones to check into. Some are reasonably priced and others are way out of line, but there are various places to find them.

It feels like I am right there when I listens to Frank Muller narrate. I hate for the book to end and at the same time want to know how it ends. 🙂

There are of course, as I noted above, some of Frank Muller’s narrated audiobooks on CD in our Frank Muller section of our My Passion Is Books Store, and here is a list of various retail book outlets that have even more of them.

There’s is also somewhat limited, but very reasonably priced list of Frank Muller narrated audio books at Some are even in MP3 format (if you have a broadband connection) so you don’t have to worry about DRM (Digital Rights Management) in regard to reading it on your computers, on CD players, MP3 players, from different operating systems, and on other digital devices, or just being limited to the number of devices you own where you can make use of these treasures.

Rest in peace Frank Muller. I know your family misses you, but we do too!

At least we will never forget the wonderful way you read to us.

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