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Amazon, Kindle, George Orwell, 1984, Animal Farm

July 17, 2009

[tweetmeme source=”mypassionisbooks” only_single=false]Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others (NYTimes)

Amazon caved to publishers of Kindle ebooks who changed their minds about selling ebooks on the Kindle. So Amazon silently removed the books from the Kindle and credited the Kindle and ebook ‘owners’ for the books people thought they had bought and paid for.

The total irony here — and not in a good way– is that the ebooks were by George Orwell of all people! The books? 1984 and Animal Farm!

Oh, yeah, I kid you not…

Apparently, George Orwell (or more specifically … since George Orwell is in his grave spinning over this … George Orwell’s heirs or whoever is in charge of the estate, or his publisher instigated this .. they obviously learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at all about George Orwell or they would never have done this).

The books …. 1984 and Animal Farm

Unbelievable! I am so glad I don’t own a Kindle and haven’t wasted my money buying ebooks that can disappear in the middle of the night …

IMPORTANT: I am removing all Kindle ebooks and Kindles from my “My Passion Is Books” Amazon Associate Store and references to the Kindle on the My Passion Is Books” website.

… I am SOOOOOO glad I bought my copy of 1984 in a second hand shop….a real book.


….also unbelievable that Amazon would do this without any prior warning … it was nice they repaid the money, but it doesn’t help the inescapable feeling of betrayal, invasion, almost a feeling of someone noiselessly coming into your home, maybe even your own bedroom to take back something in the middle of the night that you had already bought/paid for … but they had second thoughts on after the deal was done…

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