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Tom Matlack Reviews: The Shack

October 14, 2009

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The Shack (Paperback from Amazon)

I recently read, listened to The Shack written by William P. Young and published by  Windblown Media, and was planning on writing a review of the book because I really enjoyed it, but today I read Tom Matlack‘s review and thought to myself, I really don’t think I could say it any better. So instead, I am posting a link to Tom’s review:

Tom Matlack: Meet Me at The Shack (

Tom starts off with one of the conversations in the book between Mack and God:

“Why is there such an emphasis on you being a Father? I mean, its seems to be the way you most reveal yourself.” Asks Mack, a man who has suffered brutal abuse from his own father and lost his young daughter to a serial killer who leaves a bloody red dress in a remote shack only to be invited back that same shack four years later…

Tom goes on to give a very well done review of the book. Must read.

As I noted, I listened to The Shack in audio book format. I purchased it through the iTunes Store (through their connection with The recording also had a piece after the book ended from the author, William P. Young and a radio show after that where they talked about book — all in the audio book file. I very much enjoyed it all.

The Apple iTunes Store had a great deal on The Shack last month for $5.95 — not sure about the exact cents, but it was less than $6 for an audio book — not too bad at all. Sheesh, you couldn’t even buy the paperback at Walmart or Target for that. So, I figured it was the best time to buy it. It really was an awesome book. Well worth reading as you will see from Tom’s review.It’s also available from Amazon in book format, Audio CD format, as well as ebook format for the Kindle.

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity (Audio CD from Amazon)

The Shack (Paperback book from Amazon)

EDIT: Wanted to add a link to Windrumers|The Offical Site of William P. Young and a special featured posting from his blog about the book, The Shack.

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