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But in Here: The Old Man’s Last Goose and Other Tales

May 8, 2012

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But in Here: The Old Man’s Last Goose and Other Tales

But in Here: The Old Man’s Last Goose and Other Tales by Charles E. Smith III

But in Here: The Old Man’s Last Goose and Other Tales by Charles E. Smith III

This is a great little book. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail (see P.S. at the end). It is always exciting when a friend publishes a book!

Charles E. Smith III is a friend of ours here in Virginia, and I am very excited that his book is not only published (thanks to his grandson) but is now available on Amazon!

Charlie and I were talking on the phone about it and maybe he can get his grandson to set up an ebook publisher’s account at Amazon so he can submit the book as an ebook for the Kindle. I would snag it in ebook form in a heartbeat!

Here’s Charlie’s description of the book:

I do not remember if you have heard all of these stories. You can truthfully say, “Yes, I know that story,” if you read this series. A conscious effort has been made to keep the names straight, the stories straight, and present them to you in truth. These are snapshots from somewhere in my life that seem important to me. My life has not been one continuous story but a series of short stories loosely held together by my sometimes creative memory. Some will make you laugh, some may cause you to cry, but most should help you to think nice thoughts. Life is very good for me, and people of these stories are very dear. Thank you one and all for being such a part of my earthly life. One thing I cannot exaggerate is my love for God and my Lord Jesus. They know all of my true stories and still they have invited me to join them in Heaven. I pray that you will be there also.

The book has already got a 5-Star rating at Amazon so he must be doing pretty well with it. The book has 184 pages.

Charlie is a very good storyteller. He actually read several of the stories to me and his wife Barbara one day when we got together. I loved the stories! He has a way of telling the stories which is unique.

If you enjoy a good story, you will enjoy these. I can almost guarantee it.

P.S. I wanted to come back in and give my thoughts on this great little book that was written by a dear friend of mine.

What an excellent collection of old, true, down to earth stories told from the heart. Great read for before bed since the stories are often uplifting, and short. I read the book over a period of time before bed and at off times throughout the day. They always left me feeling good about life. They are stories from Charles’ whole life (not all his stories by a long shot, everyone wants him to write the second book!) told in a heartwarming manner. You can just about hear him telling it. It’s like sitting around the table, or in front of the fire just enjoying storyteller Charlie weave his remembered stories. It is a fun read.

If you enjoyed old tales told by your grandfather storyteller, then you will likely love this book as much as I did.


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