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What are your audiobook sources

December 8, 2012

What are your audiobook sources?

Due to my business, I spend quite a bit of time on the road. I want to make sure the time goes by pleasantly and make sure I stay alert, so I often listen to audiobooks on the road.

For driving, I find that engaging fiction, science fiction and criminal drama audio books are best for me. I make use of audiobooks from all kinds of free sources as well as paid sources for my hours and hours of driving for appointments.

Just a few places I get audio books are: (accepts donations for book or site), (audiobooks and poetry, free and public domain, accepts donations), (free public domain, can become a volunteer), Project Gutenberg (free public domain, search audio, I prefer the human read ones, donations accepted), (Free Audiobook Friday is great as it introduces you to their audio books and introduction to the audiobooks of other companies too. They have some great deals on some wonderful audio books. speeches, all kinds of audio spanning many subject areas. They have a free section as well.).

If you are into YA audiobooks, YA Sync/Audiobook Sync is great (2 audiobooks for free each week in the summer over the last 2 years, hopefully they will continue that next Summer) and ideas and links to some very good audiobooks for pay throughout the year). Of their Sync partners, I have bought ones on sale from most all of the ones they list. I prefer the mp3 audio books. I really hate DRM’d audiobooks although on sale I have gotten some over the years through the iTunes Store and Audible.

I have purchased from others too, but this is a decent list to get started.

Do you read/listen to audiobooks? What audiobook sources do you use?



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