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Daemon and FreedomTM by Daniel Suarez

November 30, 2013

A good friend Adam Ross/ross549 was kind enough to loan me some books by Daniel Suarez.

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Already an underground sensation, a high-tech thriller for the wireless age that explores the unthinkable consequences of a computer program running without human control—a daemon—designed to dismantle society and bring about a new world order

FreedomTM by Daniel Suarez

FreedomTM by Daniel Suarez

The propulsive, shockingly plausible sequel to New York Times bestseller Daemon, the “Greatest. Techno-thriller. Period.”* 
*William O’Brien, former director of cybersecurity and communications systems policy at the White House 

These are the two books in the Daemon Techno Thriller Series:

Daemon and Freedom™ comprise a two-part novel by the author Daniel Suarez about a distributed, persistent computer application, known as The Daemon, that begins to change the real world after the original programmer’s death.

Walter F. Parkes, who produced the 1983 filmWarGames, had optioned the film rights toDaemon with Paramount Pictures,[1] however these rights likely reverted to Suarez on 8 December 2012.[2]

I have completed Daemon which I thoroughly enjoyed, and am about 1/2 way through FreedomTM and I am very much enjoying it as well. I would have completed it much more quickly if I could have had it in audiobook format or at least an ebook that where I could resize the text. I really need to be able to do that these days. These are larger paperbacks but I still have trouble reading paperbacks these days.

These two techno thriller books have a fascinating basis. It proposes a very interesting scenario of events using AI, the Internet, all kinds of technology currently available or coming soon, and reported on over time by science, technology, and nature publications.

It is so highly detailed that some folks actually considered it too detailed and therefore too slow moving. I actually love detailed books so I found it an amazing story.

As noted above, it is based on what happens in virtual reality games, with BITCOIN and other virtual currencies, and the Internet in general, as well as how governments/military, corporations/businesses use and abuse the Internet, and how it all could be dismantled from the inside out by a very methodical and devious entity created by a very intelligent man, a genius game designer all while he was dying of brain cancer.

The interesting thing is that in some areas if not all, it could be a bit prophetic.

The books are very well thought out, detailed in their execution and methodical. As someone who keeps up with technology, I found it a most engaging set of books in so many ways.

Don’t be put off by the books if you find that them slow to gain momentum. Daniel Suarez builds this very deep and multifaceted story in a meticulous manner. It is ingenious, precise, amazing, and well worth every detail!

Is it worth one’s time to read it? Yes, if you enjoy technology, gadgets, the Internet, political/military, religious, and corporate/business dealings, and if virtual reality gaming intrigue you, even if you are not all that familiar with the world of virtual reality gaming. Believe me, Daniel Suarez will fill in the gaps for you.

The books are extremely creative and yes, they are a true set of techno thrillers!

The books originally were a single book self published under the pen name of Leinad Zeraus under Verdugo Press. The rights were acquired by Dutton.

It all begins when one man’s obituary appears online. . . . A legendary computer game designer’s obituary unleashes an unstoppable network of programs. Programs that move money. Programs that recruit people. Programs that kill. Confronted with a killer from beyond the grave, Detective Peter Sebeck comes face-to-face with the full implications of our increasingly complex and interconnected world—one where the dead can read headlines, steal identities, and carry out far-reaching plans without fear of retribution. Sebeck must find a way to stop Sobol’s web of programs—his Daemon—before it achieves its ultimate purpose. And to do so, he must uncover what that purpose is.

Visit the Daemon website.

The book was such an underground success among the geeks and gamers of the world that book publishers were actually approaching him wanting him to let them publish it. It turns out that the single original Daemon book was published as two books; Daemon and FreedomTM. And when you see how many pages are in each book, you can kinda see why they split it up.

The Daemon’s virtual world truly spills over into the real world. The Darknet, an encrypted virtual world is accessed and overlaid in the real world via Heads Up Display (HUD) glasses. Buying, selling, creating, manufacturing, even protection, all done using both worlds. It’s quite a concept! And that just a couple of the multitudes of technology that are used in these books!

The WSJ article entitled, When Computers Rule the World has this to say about it:

Daniel Suarez’s tech thriller novel “Daemon” imagines a society taken over by computer programs

In Daniel Suarez’s high-tech thriller novel, “Daemon,” computer-game designer Matthew Sobol dies but continues to “live” online via a series of computer programs that he created prior to his death. These programs interact in increasingly brutal and effective ways with the physical world, eventually dominating it.

As defined by, a “daemon” (pronounced dee-mon) is “a process that runs in the background and performs a specified operation at predefined times or in response to certain events.”

There is a very good interview in the article. Well worth a read.

For those who are wondering about the Daemon Movie from Daniel Suarez’s Google+:

Status of ‘Daemon’ Movie

Lots of you have asked me what’s going on with the motion picture adaptation of my book, Daemon.  Here’s an update: after having been optioned four years ago by a major studio, the film rights will likely revert back to me on December 8th.

I’ve been talking with several interested parties (not all of them in Hollywood), and I’ll make a public announcement when a new agreement is reached.

So, drat! It’s not settled yet! Sigh… Can’t wait!

The two books were published by Penguin Press in 2009 and are available at bookstores everywhere. Adam Ross also loaned me Kill Decision as well which I will begin reading as soon as I finish FreedomTM. Can’t wait to read that one as well. Here’s links on Amazon to Daniel Suarez’s books.

Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

The shocking techno-thriller that cements Daniel Suarez’s status as the heir to Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy—a terrifying, breathtaking, and all-too-plausible vision of the world’s near future.
Unmanned weaponized drones already exist—they’re widely used by America in our war efforts in the Middle East. In Kill Decision, bestselling author Daniel Suarez takes that fact and the real science behind it one step further, with frightening results.

Daniel Suarez also has a new one called Influx coming out February 20, 2014! Can’t wait for that either!

INFLUX by Daniel Suarez

INFLUX by Daniel Suarez

What if our civilization is more advanced than we know?
The New York Times bestselling author of Daemon –(“the cyberthriller against which all others will be measured” -Publishers Weekly) –imagines a world in which decades of technological advances have been suppressed in an effort to prevent disruptive change.

P.S. I will come back and update this posting when I finish FreedomTM. I fully expect Daniel Suarez to throw me a curveball or two before it’s all said and done and I am looking forward to those curveballs!

  1. December 2, 2013 12:56 AM

    I tried Daemon, really I did. It just didn’t click for me. I struggled just to get to page 50 or so. It’s been a while, so I can’t quite remember just what turned me off about it. Oh well. It happens that way occasionally. ;(


    • December 2, 2013 1:11 AM

      Yes, it is slow to gain momentum for the first 100 pages but it really does get there and it’s amazing.

      But if it didn’t click, it didn’t click.


      • December 2, 2013 9:43 PM

        He’s written a bunch, it seems. You never know… I might give it another shot in the future.

        Kinda’ reminds me of that Neal Stephenson. He writes in mind-numbing detail. I read his Cryptonomicon. Man! Had to wear the carpel tunnel brace for that one. 😉


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