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Flowertown by S. G. Redling

July 13, 2014

FlowertownFlowertown by S.G. Redling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Wow, what to say. This book was a gift from a good friend of many years, and a fellow goodreads friend, Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson said I want to send you a gift of a Kindle ebook, but you have to promise you will read it. I love books and had no problem at all promising to read it.

What I found was I couldn’t put it down till I finished (unless I really had to).

This is where this story starts:

When Feno Chemical spilled an experimental pesticide in rural Iowa, scores of people died. Those who survived contamination were herded into a US Army medically maintained quarantine and cut off from the world. Dosed with powerful drugs to combat the poison, their bodies give off a sickly sweet smell and the containment zone becomes known simply as Flowertown.

Seven years later, the infrastructure is crumbling, supplies are dwindling, and nobody is getting clean. Ellie Cauley doesn’t care anymore….

Much more in the goodreads review.

Flowertown was first and foremost a thriller in a very real sense and although this book has a bit of a dystopian setting due to the bio hazard spill and aftermath, the world at large is still what most would class as ‘normal’ and uninfected by this bio hazard.

There were fears being pushed in the ‘normal’ press that maybe some folks were getting out of Flowertown somehow, or some Flowertown residents where not coming back after going through the horrible detox program just to be allowed a weekend pass to see friends and family, and thereby more people were potentially being exposed to the toxins outside of Flowertown. Some real scare tactics were being used on the people both inside and outside Flowertown.

The people that survived being exposed to this very dangerous biohazard were at first asked, than later required to remain isolated, and eventually a fenced and burned perimeter was between Flowertown and the rest of the outside world. Over the years Flowertown became all there was for those inside.

Our heroine Ellie and her friends have a very strange life; and they all have their own way of dealing with it, or escaping from it.

Even so, there are even stranger things going on behind the scenes that has cut into even Ellie’s constant self medicated escape from reality, and this small group of friends must find out what it is before it’s too late for them all.

This is an in-depth story that comes out more and more as the story progresses. As I noted earlier, I found it very hard to put this book down even when I really had to do so at times. Which was more often than I would have liked.

In the fiction realm, I absolutely love thrillers and books that have dystopian settings with people fighting the system, and hopefully beating the odds, if possible.

I read the Kindle eBook version while listening to the Audible audiobook version. Because I owned the Kindle version (thanks Mr Anderson), I was able to get the Audible version for $1.99.

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NOTE: I linked to both the Audiobook version and the Kindle version.

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