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The Innocent – A Novel by David Baldacci

September 20, 2014

The Innocent (Will Robie,#1)The Innocent by David Baldacci
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The Innocent

This is the first book I have read by David Baldacci, but it will not be my last! The Innocent (Will Robie #1) is a novel/book I could not put down. I finished it very quickly. I listened to the Audible Edition.

The story of an American who kills baddies around the world, that’s Will Robie’s job, and he’s the best. It also is the story of an assassination that he is assigned that doesn’t feel right and he couldn’t do. It is also the story of the daughter of the woman he was to have assassinated, Julie Getty. And all the families and soldiers’ stories from a squadron from the first Gulf War.

This story is so intricate, fully developed and amazing. It is a must read. There are several wonderful reviews online.

Amazon review by Susan Tunis has this to say about Robie:

The novel opens with Will Robie. We learn that he is “an inch over six feet and a rock-solid one hundred and eighty pounds”, that he is one day shy of his 40th birthday, and that he is a professional killer. But this is no thug off the street; this is a man with a rich interior life, a moral center, and more than a little going on upstairs. Therefore, it’s not too surprising when we soon learn that Robie is employed by an unnamed federal agency to carry out “sanctioned assassinations.” In his own words:

“Sometimes he went after people intent on global menace, like Rivera or Talal, or sometimes he simply went after a problem. You could take your pick of labels, but in the end, they all meant the same thing. His employer decided who among the living and breathing would qualify as a target. And then they turned to men like Robie to end the living and breathing part. It made the world better, was the justification.”

Except this time, he’s being sent after a different type of target–a woman, an American, a mother. At the crucial moment, Robie refuses to fire. It doesn’t smell right. Someone finishes the job with a long-range sniper shot, and it looks like they’ll finish Robie as well if he doesn’t run.

Blogcritics Book Review by The Dirty Lowdown:

Having established himself as the premiere writer of “conspiracy in high places” thrillers in 1996 with his first novel, Absolute Power, which was made into a hit movie starring Clint Eastwood, David Baldacci has now written over 20 novels and remains the master of that subgenre. In The Innocent, the author remains at the top of his game.

More in both reviews. Don’t miss this book. It is a must read.

I am so glad that I finally got around to reading this wonderfully woven story! I will be reading much more by David Baldacci!

Audible link to The Innocent: A Novel by David Baldacci

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